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Jet’s BAT® (Biologically Accelerated Treatment) Process is remarkably efficient.
The compact BAT® Treatment Plant has three compartments. 1. Pretreatment: This compartment receives and holds wastewater until solid matter settles to the bottom sludge layer. Organic solids are then broken down physically and biologically. Grit and other untreatable materials are retained here while the partially broken-down, finely divided solids are passed to the Treatment Compartment. 2. Treatment: Here in this compartment, known as a bioreactor, the majority of the processing is done. Wastewater is thoroughly mixed with the biomass microorganisms that live inside the submerged Jet BAT® Media. The Jet 700++ Aerator, the heart of the system, injects fresh air into the bioreactor, providing the oxygen and mixing required for our exclusive JET BAT® PROCESS. The BAT® Media creates the ideal environment for the biomass while the 700++ Aerator keeps the microorganisms alive and working by injecting and mixing the oxygen that aerobic bacteria require. The biomass of microorganisms digests the wastewater, converting it to odorless, colorless liquids and gases. 3. Settling: The treated wastewater then flows into this compartment where fine particles fall to the bottom. These particles are returned to the Treatment Compartment along the sloping end wall for further “digestion”. All that remains in the Settling Compartment is a clear, odorless, highly treated liquid effluent that can be safely discharged through the baffled outlet. Unlike old fashioned septic tanks, a Jet residential plant does not merely hold wastewater. It can treat 500 to 1,500 gallons of wastewater per day. A Jet plant operates up to five times longer between pumping than a septic tank. The consistent quality of a Jet plant’s final effluent -- a clear, clean, odorless mixture -- can eliminate any need for leach fields. Also, the JET BAT® PROCESS handles 100% shock loads, meaning that surges in flow caused by weekend guests, parties, multiple baths, laundry, and automatic dishwashers do not affect treatment performance.

A&B Plumbing | Kitchen & Bath Remodeling | Tankless Water Heaters | Wastewater Treatment | Radiant Heat | Concrete & Excavating | Contact Us

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